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We arrange luv is platform where we find you the One using methods that one would generally use in the real world i.e through common friends and or common interests. We sift through people who are looking for luv and then bring them together based on friends and interests. Once you like what you see, you are free to get in touch with the matched person(if he or she also agrees).
It’s that Simple !
ArrangedLuv better than Shaadi ?
With we are solving problems that are inherent to other matrimonial platforms. One being incorrect/fake information, second lack of familiarity and third outdated criteria of matchmaking. We use FaceBook as basic reservoir of information as there is no chance of one sharing false information with a large group of common friends, then are advanced match engine matches you with people there is a certain sense of familiarity in terms of common friends and or interests, using new world criterions of lifestyle, interests, values and attitude.

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